Killer in the Kitchen

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Love this whole series, please don't stop writing them, each book is like watching an episode in your head, always happy to see a new one come out, keep up the great story-telling, thank you.

As I have said before in other reviews of this series, this is one of my favorites and this book is no exception. I had a hard time putting it down. While I had a good idea of the culprit, the journey to the unveiling was fun. The setting of Cabot Cove Maine along with the whole "chef and food" theme made the plot a timely and popular one. All the usual cast of characters makes this story feel familiar like it takes place in one's own community. Here's to Restaurant Wars!

If you are a fan of the Murder She Wrote television show you would probably love the Murder She Wrote book series by author Donald Bain. Readers and fans of the series both tv and books, love Jessica Fletcher, a writer from Cabot Cove who tends to find herself in the middle of just about every murder investigation that turns up in the area. Bain does an amazing job of keeping Jessica's voice alive, long after the tv show has ended. Killer in the Kitchen is the 43rd book in the series and Bain shows no sign of slowing down. A well written addition to the series!

The story was so well written. While reading, I was taken back to the times I “listened” to my parents watch Murder, She Wrote. Author Donald Bain does an incredible job of keeping the voice of the show alive.

The mystery was very compelling. I found myself turning page after page needing to see what would happen next. The next thing I knew, I was at the end of the book and telling myself, this may have been my first Murder, She Wrote, but it won’t be my last.

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