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My autobiography, Murder HE Wrote: A Successful Writer's Life, takes the reader along with me on what has been a professionally fulfilling and personally satisfying journey. I'm delighted that Purdue University Press is bringing out an updated trade paperback version in October of this year. You can order it now on for September delivery. I’ve certainly enjoyed the ride, especially the people I’ve been privileged to meet and work with over the past 40 years, and the situations in which I’ve found myself. People are what make life interesting, especially those who live their lives out of the box, whose view of life is slightly skewed. Some of these characters have let me down on occasion, but most have enriched my life. Murder HE Wrote is really about them. (NOTE: The book was originally published in hardcover with the title, "Every Midget Has an Uncle Sam Costume.")

Publishers Weekly Review

September 23, 2002

Every Midget Has An Uncle Sam Costume
Donald Bain. Barricade, $22.95 (240 p)

The author or coauthor of more than 80 books in a variety of genres, Bain is still not a household name. In this engaging look at his writing career, Bain introduces readers to the fast-paced life of a ghostwriter – a career that requires taking credit for not taking credit. Part chameleon, part businessman, Bain prides himself on his professionalism, his work ethic and his ability to keep his ego in check. Whether writing comedies, westerns, historical romance, crime novels, biographies, investigative journalism or novelizations of the popular Murder, She Wrote TV series, his attitude never changes. “Whatever I’m writing at the moment is the most important thing I’ll ever write, and maybe the last.” Ghostwriting was a side job until he hit pay dirt with Coffee, Tea or Me? in 1967, a book that told the tales of two airline stewardesses and spawned three sequels. Bain’s storytelling skills shine when he focuses on the people who have enriched his life and flavored his writing: e.g. the post-fame, alcoholic Veronica Lake and Candy Jones, who was his subject for The Control of Candy Jones, the controversial account of her 12 years as the subject of CIA mind-control experiments. Bain educates as he entertains by revealing his own writing habits and the machinations of the editor-publisher-agent relationships behind his writing projects. Readers will marvel at the diversity of subjects he’s written on and his ability to convert nearly every opportunity into success. (Oct.)

More praise for "Every Midget Has an Uncle Sam Costume (New Title: Murder HE Wrote)

“Don Bain really does write for a living, and he tells how in this book, a brisk, bright, anecdotal and name-dropping account of ghostwriting, press-agentry, broadcasting, making music, and staying one jump ahead of the wacky, wonderful characters who people Bain’s world.”
James Brady, Parade Magazine and Author of Warning of War

“As a devotee of Long John Nebel, Bain’s biography of the legendary talk king was must reading for me. So is this wonderful memoir by a man who has had a brilliant career making others look good. Thank you, Donald, for finally giving up the ghost.”
Alan Colmes, Fox News Channel

“When there’s a Writer’s Hall of Fame, Donald Bain will have a golden plaque in his honor. With affection and a great sense of humor, his book has much to teach aspiring writers about the real world of commercial publishing.”
Paul Fargis, President & Publisher, The Stonesong Press

“Don Bain is the only jazz musician I know who’s also written 80 books. There’s ‘good vibes’ on every page.”
Jazz Great Lionel Hampton

“I’ve known Don Bain for two decades, but it wasn’t until I read his book that I realized I’ve spent my life trying to be him. Should be required reading for any life-hungry, wandering soul who thinks he or she wants to make a living as a writer.”
Mike Levine, Legendary DEA Agent & Bestselling Author of Deep Cover.

“Don Bain is the consummate professional, having written more than 80 books over a long and impressive career. He’s an inspiration for anyone seeking success as a writer.”
Bill Adler, Bill Adler Books

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