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Some of the clients for whom we have provided communications services:

The American Cancer Society
Ancient Age Distilleries
Association of Independent Commercial Producers
Bang Music & Sound Design
Coronado Travel
Curran & Connors
The H.E.L.P. Organization
Image Partners
Micro Bio-Medics, Inc.
Millard Fillmore Health System
New York Eye & Ear Infirmary
Pan American World Airways
Robert Half International
The Single Barrel Bourbon Institute
Trans World Gaming Corp.
Wahlstrom & Company

HYPHENATES, LTD .Copywriting, Editing & Communications Services for Corporations & Agencies -- and now a book publisher

As mentioned on the Home Page, Hyphenates, Ltd. is now a book publisher. Our imprint Hyphenates Books will focus on bringing back some of my out-of-print books. But it will also publish an occasional novel or non-fiction book by other writers.

Our latest edition is Stages another work by Joe Stockdale (see below). Stages is Joe's memoir of a life in the theater and details how a young, motherless boy from Michigan fell in love with the stage, and made it his life's work, becoming a major force in theater education for more than 60 years. Theater buffs will recognize a lot of the names of actors and actresses, directors, and backstage professionals whose careers he helped to launch.

Keeping our promise of bringing out e-versions of my earlier works, Hyphenates Books published the Kindle and Nook editions of Murder HE Wrote, my autobiography (which is also available on Kobo and through Smashworks). It's had great reviews of which I'm very proud. For those who prefer a book in hand, the trade paperback version is published by Purdue University Press.

Our first book under the Hyphenates Books banner was a novel, Taking Tennessee to Hart by Joe Stockdale. Joe was my theater professor at Purdue University many years ago, and we've remained close friends. (He was also dean of the Theater and Film School at SUNY-Purchase NY for many more years). Joe has been deeply immersed in the life and works of the esteemed playwright, Tennessee Williams, and his novel, which was originally written and performed as a play, is a delightful, fanciful humorous crime story based upon a factual incident from Williams's life.

If Joe's name sounds familiar to you, perhaps it's because there's a picture of us with Joe Stockdale and his good friend, the actor James Earl Jones, on the bottom of the Events page.

For information about these works, and how to purchase them, please go to Hyphenates Books.

A note for our "Murder, She Wrote" fans. As you know the novels in the series are absent any four-letter words, sexual scenes, or graphic murders. Taking Tennessee to Hart has a few brief sexual encounters, and an unsavory character who is fond of expletives (he receives his delicious comeuppance later in the novel). Just so you know. Stages also contains some but not a lot of strong language.

At this stage in our development, Hyphenates Books is not accepting submissions in any form from writers or agents.

Selected Works

For anyone who aspires to a writer's career, this book is a must-read.
Available Now
"With shades of The Manchurian Candidate hanging over the entire story, Experiment in Murder takes on the subject of hypnosis and creating unknowing murderers. "
Murder, She Wrote
When competing restaurants open in Cabot Cove, Jessica must track down who killed one of the chefs.
Jessica Fletcher is invited to ring in the New Year with British aristocracy. Too bad someone’s about to end the life of the party....
Jessica investigates a cast and crew of suspects when someone is found dead on a movie set.
My Favorite Book
Madness and mayhem during Prohibition.
My book of 35 years ago, "Coffee, Tea or Me? was reissued spring 2003, with a new foreword.
Remarkable Tale
A Cold War cult classic, once again available to the reading public.